Private Case 1 Back Story

We received an email from a Coastal Carolina student that was having problems with paranormal activity. The location was downtown Myrtle Beach about a block from the beach. The apt complex looked very old and had only a few units. He was planning to move out due to the problems so he allowed us to conduct an investigation.

Paranormal Activity

The paranormal activity that he was witness to:


In the middle of the night he would wake up to see a shadow figure at the edge of his bed.


TV turn on and off by itself


He would have the best day ever but when he enter his room, about 10 minutes later he would be drain and feel anxiety.


He saw a middle age female figure one night.


On June 22th of 2010, Josh, Mickey, and Shawn along with the client enter the apt. He had already moved most of his stuff out. We set up video cameras in the bedroom, living room, and kitchen. We also blanket the areas with digital recorders.


Early in the night, Shawn saw a shadow move across the kitchen blinds at a fast rate of speed. The initial thought was that it was a person outside walking by the window. We try to reproduce the shadow but we could not do so. Mickey and Josh also witness movement out of the corner of their eyes throughout the night.


The only evps recorded were during a 30 minute session with Shawn alone in the bedroom.

This evp was right before the session started, at the same time Mickey starts talking, a voice is heard under his that sounds like "wanna be dead" and at the same time he sees shadow movement in the kitchen area. The voice is at the 1 sec mark. Very creepy.

During the night we were slowly ramping up the provoking to see if we could get a reaction since the apt was being vacated. After Shawn makes a statement a few seconds later you will hear a female voice saying ha ha ha yeah. Seems like a sarcastic reply to shawns statement. Voice at 20 sec mark

Shawn asked a question about messing with the client only and not his roommate, about 18 secs later a voice recorded "fall asleep". Seems like the voice was daring Shawn to go to sleep and see what happens next. Most of the paranormal activity happened while he was trying to sleep. 23 sec mark


Since moving out the client has been doing fine. The evps has made this location very interesting and we wish we had another opportunity at that location.