Members of PIRaTES Paranormal



Hometown:  Binghamton, New York

Favorite paranormal experience:   The Walnut Lane Inn, turning on my flashlight and seeing a woman standing in the corner of the attic looking back at me over her shoulder,amazing!!

Dream Location:   Theres 2 places back in my hometown that i would love to investigate,the old section of the Binghamton Psychiatric center,and a friend of our families old house,the stuff that happened in that house was unbelievable.

Feeling on orbs:  Very sceptical, 99% of the time its dust,the only time i somewhat believe they are real is when you ask if there is someone there and you ask if they can show themselves in a certain area and there is an orb in the exact spot that you ask


One requirement for a successful investigation: An open mind


What would have to happen in order for you to believe 100% in ghosts:   Already believe 100% in ghosts

Thoughts on provoking: Sometimes you need to do it if your not getting any activity,and also what the circumstances of the spirits are,who they are and what they were like.


Hometown:  St.Albans, West Virginia

Favorite paranormal experience:   The marble and watchin Phil freak out...

Dream Location:   Bird Cage Saloon in Tombstone

Feeling on orbs:  Still tryin to figure them out between orbs and dust and lighting in pictures.


One requirement for a successful investigation: Doing a thorough walk thru


What would make you run out of the house during an investigation:  If everyone elses took off running and me not knowing why...

What would have to happen in order to make you believe 100% there are ghost: Like I said being touched or scratched...



Hometown:  Indiana, PA

Favorite paranormal experience:    Its kinda early to pick a fav, but listening to an evp of the kid in the dining room when I know there is absolutely no reason for a child to be on a recorder.

Dream Location:   Bob Mackeys in Kentucky or my childhood home in Grove City, PA.

Feeling on orbs:  Not a big fan of them, they could be so many things. It could be dust, bugs, or how light is reflected. All you can do is speculate about what it could be.


One requirement for a successful investigation: Patience enough said.


Any history with past paranormal activity:   I always thought my childhood home was haunted. I would see shadows and doors would open on their own. I had heard that people constantly move in and out of that place now.

What would have to happen in order to make you believe 100 percent there are ghost: Full body apparition