Back Story

Walnut Lane Inn was built in 1902 by A. B. Groce, a successful businessman. He wanted the best home in Spartanburg county and had great pride for his home. Mr. Groce passed away in 1939 in the home, and his wife lived another twenty one years before she passed away. The house was left to their two daughters, they could not get along so they split the house right down the middle. Its a sight to see because there are two staircases side by side in the home leading upstairs and into the basement. Eighteen months after that, one of the sisters passed away. The current owners bought the home in 2000 and restored it into a bed and breakfast.

Paranormal Activity

The inn is rumored to have two spirits roaming the property. One is supposed to be the former owner and the other is supposed to be one of the daughters. Most of the activity happens on one side of the house, the activity being from shadows, voices, touching, and apparition sightings.



We rented out the entire place on the 15th of June 09, we arrived around 7pm. We did a walk thru, took some temp and k2 measurements so we could have a baseline number. We made sure all the equipment was working. We began our investigation around 10 pm, separated into two groups with each group on a different floor. The basement, suite, and attic seem the most active rooms of the night. We wrapped everything up around 5 in the morning.


The biggest thing that happened that night was when Mickey saw a female apparition in the attic. The time was around 3 in the morning, Phil and Mickey decided to make one last trip up to the attic. Mickey turned his flashlight on and witnessed an woman in a old formal dress standing about 10 ft away with her back toward him and looking back over her shoulder. During the night a few people felt that they were touched. One time Marcus thought someone ran their hand through his hair and he saw a shadow pass by the attic window. We had a few evps and some movement that could not be explained.

Did not get a whole lot of good pictures, orb like reflection in a few pictures. Josh found something thats up for debate, with an image taken in the living room. We zoomed in on the image focusing on the mirror. You can make an assumption of whats in the mirror.

Mindy was doing an EVP session in the attic, when she asked for someone to tell her their name. About 10secs later a voice was recorded that said "NO"

Phil, Chad, Josh were down in the basement when a voice was recorded that sounds like "Shawn recorded us"

Mickey's reaction to seeing a female apparition in the attic around 3am in the morning. His natural reactions bring out some foul language, so beware when listening.

Phil, Chad, and Josh in the basement when something dropped that sounded like a marble. They investigated the location and found nothing that would of made that noise. I did send the evp to the innkeeper and they told me the story that the former owner used to play marbles with his nephew. The innkeeper comes across marbles all the time in the yard and other locations with no explanation. The video does contain some foul language.


I want to start by saying that the owners hospitality is unbelievable. I would recommend anyone to stay here. Also the place is very beautiful and a lot of work went into it. I'm on the fence personally if this place has paranormal activity. Other people in the group would lean toward the paranormal side with their personal experiences. With Mickey seeing an apparition and others saying someone touched them, i would be very much interested in going back and have plans to in the near future.