Private Case 2 Back Story

We were approach by a gentleman that claim he was having paranormal activity at home around the Galivants Ferry area. He was not the only person experiencing some form of activity at his home. His children and babysitter had also seen things.

Paranormal Activity

A man apparition short in height has been seen by the homeowner and babysitter.


The children said that they speak to child and man spirit.


Shadows have been seen.


On Sept 9th of 2010, Mickey, and Shawn along with the homeowner set up recorders and cameras throughout the home. We started the night around 10pm and ended around 4am. Note: No children were in the home at the time of the investigation.


During the night the cameras a couple times decided to mysteriously shut down. They would come back up a moment later. Also our recorder picked up a few evps. We decided to draw our attention to the children bedroom. We also did evp sessions in the main bedroom and living room. Here are some of the good evps we recorded.

We recorded a child's voice in the kids bedroom that sound like "Ethan, he's my friend" or Ethan be my friend". We later discovered that the homeowners son name is Ethan. Makes it very interesting.

We decided to have the homeowner do an evp session but not too long into it, a child's voice was picked up that sounds like "leave". No child was in the home at any time.

In the back bedroom we picked up a couple male voices throughout the night. The best of them was when Shawn asked a question and a voice reply "which one"