Inn at Merridun Back Story

An antebellum mansion located in the center of Union, South Carolina surrounded by large oak and magnolia trees. It could be hard to see from the main road but it gives you a sense of seclusion from the world. The house was built in 1855-57 by William Keenan. He was a very wealthy local merchant and mayor of Union. The house was part of a plantation including 4,000 acres of land.


The property was transfered to Benjamin H. Rice in 1876. Improvements were done to the home, which was Rice's main house on 8,000 acre cotton plantation. The ideal crop during that time period. T.C. Duncan inherited the house from his maternal grandparents and renamed it Merridun, a combination of three family names that graced this ancestral home, a combination of Merriman, Rice,and Duncan. The house was passed through several generations of Rice family members. In 1990, it was sold and converted into a bed and breakfast.

Paranormal Activity

The inn is rumored to have 10 different spirits staying there. Many sightings have been reported in the guest books by the people that have stayed there over the years. Footsteps, evps, orbs, shadows, cold spots, and the sensation of being touched are often referenced. The former owners, T.C and Fannie Duncan, are rumored to roam the halls of the inn. The other spirits are of past servants, children, and animals that lived in the house. Also drumbeats from Indian spirits are heard once in awhile on the property grounds.



We did the official investigation from 10pm to 4am. By 430am all the equipment was packed up and ready to be loaded in the vehicles. Josh and Shawn decided to sleep a few hours before driving back and took the two beds in the Sisters Room. During the time span from 5am to 6am they had different experiences.


Shawn had the strange feeling that someone was rubbing his arm to the point of waking him up. At that time he chalked it up to his imagination and went back to sleep. About five minute later he hears a loud voice, waking him once again. The source of the voice was the tv being turn on for no reason but when Shawn focus his eyes on the TV, it quickly turned off. At that point he was aware that something strange was happening. He pretended to fall asleep to see what would happen next. About a minute later, he had the repeated feeling that he was being touched on the arm. At that point he woke Josh up and decided to gather some equipment and see if they could get anything recorded.


Josh saw the blinds move back and forth but no air circulation was in the room. While they were discussing their experience, Josh saw a woman in white walking outside past the window that was located behind Shawn. They both checked the balcony area and did not see any woman at that time. The room was on the second level.

During the first evp session of the night in the Sisters Room, Nick complained of a burning sensation on his lower back. We photograph what look like two scratches on his lower back. Click on photo to see up close version of the scratch. The audio clip below the picture describes the scratch in his own words.


We learned to two things from this investigation. Not to pack our equipment till we out the door for the final time. Let the recorders and ir cameras stay on. Also the next time we go back to the Merridun we'll run the investigation up till 7am.

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