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Back Story

Walnut Lane Inn was built in 1902 by A. B. Groce, a successful businessman. He wanted the best home in Spartanburg county and had great pride for his home. Mr. Groce passed away in 1939 in the home, and his wife lived another twenty one years before she passed away. The house was left to their two daughters, they could not get along so they split the house right down the middle. Its a sight to see because there are two staircases side by side in the home leading upstairs and into the basement. Eighteen months after that, one of the sisters passed away. The current owners bought the home in 2000 and restored it into a bed and breakfast.

Paranormal Activity

The inn is rumored to have two spirits roaming the property. One is supposed to be the former owner and the other is supposed to be one of the daughters. Most of the activity happens on one side of the house, the activity being from shadows, voices, touching, and apparition sightings.



Nick and Ryan were in Mallard Room and ask for anyone to make some noise. A knock sound was heard and by looking at the wavelength of audio it could be concluded that it was made by something paranormal or human.

Josh and Vickie were in attic around 230am doing some evp work when they heard something being dragged across the wooden floor on two seperate occasions.

We sent the two rookies up to the attic for a little bit. Ryan asked a question and a faint man voice could be heard. About a minute later Nick saw a shadow figure move across the attic window. Warning: Some foul language due to being suprised.

Same time frame as before and group, Vickie asked for any noise to be heard and about 20 secs later two knocks were sounded


We learned to two things from this investigation. Not to pack our equipment till we out the door for the final time. Let the recorders and ir cameras stay on. Also the next time we go back to the Merridun we'll run the investigation up till 7am.