Battleship North Carolina Back Story

The USS North Carolina was one of the most important battleships in World War II. She was involved in every important battle in the Pacific. The North Carolina was built in 1940 and was the most advance ship during its time in WW2. Much of the history can be read on Wikipedia here. The key part of history that could account to paranormal activity was on September 15th 1942, a torpedo hit port side and killed six men. North Carolina received 15 battle stars for her service; she is the most decorated United States battleship of the war.


For more detail info on the history click here.

Paranormal Activity

Here is a list of the paranormal activity that has been witnessed by others.


Library: cold spots and moving objects


Brig: voices and shadows


Sick Bay: smell of burning flesh and glowing orb above the beds


Kitchen: pots banging and an apparition with head on fire


Shower Room: five people died when torpedo hit the ship. Shadows, footsteps heard, and sense of death feeling



On June 15th of 2010, six people took on the investigation of Battleship North Carolina on a very hot muggy night for the first time. The people on the investigation were Shawn, Mickey, Josh, Phil, Nick, and Ryan. We arrived at the ship around 9pm at that time we took a tour of the ship. We seperated into groups of twos. One group remained with the DVR system and the other groups went out investigating the ship. We hit all the area of the ship including what seemed like the hot spot of the night, the brig. We ended our investigation around 4am the next morning.


After reviewing all the video and audio from the investigation we came to the conclusion that it was not a very active night. We did recover some evps that were pretty interesting which can be found below.


The audio clips are the original, nothing has been done to clean them up. The ship has a lot of background noise and we thought any audio clean up would distort what was recorded.


These two evps below were recorded when Nick and Ryan were in the shower area of the ship where the torpedo hit. They saw a shadow moving around the area and they gave chase. They twice felt a cool breeze go through them. Each time they felt coldness a voice was recorded.

Make sure the sound is all the way up. About 3 secs into audio, hear what we think is a name of a person. Ryan feels a coldness go thru him afterwards.

Mickey and Shawn were in the brig area of the ship when this evp was recorded. They were each in a different cell and standing in one spot. We reacted to one of the other cell doors moving and Shawn said "What was that?" Afterwards a second voice sounding female like repeats the same words. This is the only time words were repeated even in the same area so the echo effect theory might be tough to make. The 11 sec mark

This evp has a voice that the very beginning we are unsure what is being said, if you have a guess email us. But at the 23 sec mark a voice can be heard that said "come back" because Nick and Ryan was leaving the area. Nick had a feeling of coldness pass through him right before this voice.

Again Mickey and Shawn in the brig when this noise or voice was recorded at the 15 sec mark. It sounds like "People can leave" but it could just be random noise. At the time Mickey and Shawn were trying to be very quiet and just listening to the noise that were 20 feet away in the darkness. The rest of the group was out on the deck at the time. They were hearing a lot of moving around from a distance during their time in the brig.


It wasn't a very active night but as paranormal investigators we know that every night will not be crazy with paranormal activity. We made a few mistakes during the investigation but we know not to make them again. Each investigation we do we will get better. We would come back to this location but not till winter when its cooler. Also the off season allows the extra time to set up gear. We will be better prepare for the next time at the Battleship NC