Inn at Merridun Back Story

An antebellum mansion located in the center of Union, South Carolina surrounded by large oak and magnolia trees. It could be hard to see from the main road but it gives you a sense of seclusion from the world. The house was built in 1855-57 by William Keenan. He was a very wealthy local merchant and mayor of Union. The house was part of a plantation including 4,000 acres of land.


The property was transfered to Benjamin H. Rice in 1876. Improvements were done to the home, which was Rice's main house on 8,000 acre cotton plantation. The ideal crop during that time period. T.C. Duncan inherited the house from his maternal grandparents and renamed it Merridun, a combination of three family names that graced this ancestral home, a combination of Merriman, Rice,and Duncan. The house was passed through several generations of Rice family members. In 1990, it was sold and converted into a bed and breakfast.

Paranormal Activity

The inn is rumored to have 10 different spirits staying there. Many sightings have been reported in the guest books by the people that have stayed there over the years. Footsteps, evps, orbs, shadows, cold spots, and the sensation of being touched are often referenced. The former owners, T.C and Fannie Duncan, are rumored to roam the halls of the inn. The other spirits are of past servants, children, and animals that lived in the house. Also drumbeats from Indian spirits are heard once in awhile on the property grounds.



On July 14th of 2009, we rented all the rooms at the inn. We arrived at the inn around 7pm at that time we did our initial walk thru making notes of temperatures in the rooms and any K2 reactions. Afterwards we checked all the equipment, making sure they were all in working order and batteries fully charged. We started our investigation at 10pm, moving from room to room conducting evp sessions. Mickey spent one hour in the attic by himself. The room was rumored to be the most active. The dining room received added attention due to the early activity it showed. We ended our investigation around 5am the next morning.


The dining and Union Square room proved to be the most active during the night. The Union Square room had unexplained whistling heard during one evp session, when at the same time period pictures revealed some orbs. The dining room also had unexplained whistling and one amazing evp was recorded around midnight. The silverware and table was also heard moving while we were in total darkness. Mickey also felt cold spots in the dining room where the temperature was changing by 10 degrees in a few seconds time span. I heard footsteps in the upstairs rooms that were not occupied at that time.

The recorder was left by itself in the dining room for a hour. About the thirty minute marker, a childs voice is heard than 15 secs later a woman said "Anthony". Its seems like the woman was the child's mother and that she wanted her son to be silent. The dining room had a lot of activity during the night.

Also recorded "Can't Ya'll Leave"

In an evp session in the Union Square, we kept remarking how Mickey was from the north and what do you think of him. This was caught on the recorder. "Yankee".

Mindy, Mickey, and Chad are in the Union Square room doing an evp session, which resulted in unknown whistling. Chad was recording from the bathroom because he heard a noise earlier from that area, also note that he has no hearing in one ear.


We left the inn the next morning with no solid prove at first, until we went over the evidence gathered. I do lean to believe there is some kind of paranormal activity because of a couple of evps recorded. One being recorded in the Union Square room where I know there was no voice at that time recorded besides ours. Orbs are a tough sell for me when it comes to paranormal, it could easily be dust, bugs, or how the light reflects. But we did get a few orb photos up for debate. No k2 reactions or shadows seen. This place is worth the while to check out again. Peggy was a very nice inn keeper and the overnight stay was interesting.

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